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When to Take a Decongestant

A decongestant is a type of medicine that will help alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion for a short period of time. Nasal congestion can be caused by the flu, a cold, or allergies.


When to Use a Decongestant

If your beginning to feel symptoms of congestion (pressure on your nasal passageways) and this is not usual, you should try a decongestant. We recommend only taking them during the day as they can make it more difficult to fall asleep. They come in pill form as well as nasal sprays. Take only as instructed.

When Not to Use a Decongestant

If your having drainage or itchy, watery eyes, then an antihistamine may be more helpful in relieving these symptoms.


When to See an Otolaryngologist (ENT Doctor)

If your constantly feeling symptoms like pressure, swelling, or pain, it would be best for you to schedule an appointment with your ENT doctor. You may have a larger issue than just a cold that is causing this discomfort.


If you think you may need to see an ENT Doctor and you live in the Broward Area, call us at (954) 760-7836. Richard H. Callari, MD, is a board-certified Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) surgeon (otolaryngologist) with more than 25 years of experience treating patients. He has a particular interest in sinus & nasal problems, including minimally invasive treatments, intranasal steroid injections, and balloon sinuplasty.