PROPEL Sinus Implant

Propel Sinus Implants

For sufferers of chronic sinusitis, sinus surgery combined with the placement of the PROPEL sinus
stent can offer extended relief from debilitating sinusitis symptoms.

Used by ENT surgeons, PROPEL sinus stents are very small dissolvable devices that prop open
the sinuses after sinus surgery and deliver the corticosteroid mometasone furoate (MF.) They are
designed to dissolve 30-45 days after surgery but the effects can be ongoing.
PROPEL sinus implants are part of a new category of products that offer localized and controlled
delivery of drugs directly to the sinus tissue.

Designed for use in patients 18 years of age and up following ethmoid sinus surgery, the
PROPEL sinus implant separates mucosal tissues, stabilizes the middle turbinate, reduces
scarring and swelling after surgery, prevents obstructions and improves long-term outcomes.
These implants are part of a new category of devices clinically proven to reduce the need for
post-op ethmoid interventions and follow-up revision surgery.

PROPEL sinus implants are not indicated for patients who have experienced sensitivitivies or are
intolerant to mometasone furoate (MF) or bioabsorbable polymers. Risks may include: pain,
pressure, sinusitis, foreign body rejection, and toxic shock syndrome.

FDA approved for use in patients 18 years and older, PROPEL sinus stents have not been studied
in children under 18 or in pregnant or nursing patients. Patients who are pregnant or nursing
should check with their doctor before seeking treatment with PROPEL.

Many patients have experienced wonderful benefits and relief from sinus symptoms as a result of
PROPEL sinus implants during the clinical trials. A few possible side effects that could occur
are headache, nose bleeds, lightheadedness, swelling, sinusitis, ear infection, nasal polyps, and
asthma attacks—only in patients who currently suffer from or have suffered from asthma.
If you suffer from chronic sinusitis and want to see if you are a candidate for this procedure,
schedule a consultation with the sinus