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8 Signs and Symptoms to See an ENT Doctor

Sinus infection is prevalent in children and adults. The disorder affects the ear, nose, and throat and is also known as rhinosinusitis. The disease affects the respiratory tract where the nasal cavities become swollen and then become inflamed due to the virus. When you succumb to be a patient of the disease, the best remedy is to see a sinus doctor for further medication.

Sinus infections are often accompanied by several unusual symptoms that distinguish it from other respiratory tract infections. However, the symptoms you may experience as a patient may be similar to those of allergies, tooth infections and even nasal congestions.

A sinus doctor has to characterize your condition according to the intensity of the infection. The disease is classified into two, namely; acute and chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis lasts for a short period. Time is usually less than four weeks. When you get the infection, you will often feel some mild cold.
Then chronic sinus infection symptoms become evident after twelve or more weeks. The condition is accompanied by nasal discharge as well as nasal congestion. When you experience such difficulties, you are advised to seek immediate medical attention from a doctor. However, there are other conventional signs and symptoms you may encounter and therefore necessary for you to understand if you may have to require the doctor. They are;

• Cough and Throat Complications
When you have problems of sinus, you will often have discharge from the back throat for a short time accompanied by persistent coughing. The coughing often leads to difficulty in sleeping. The remedy for the condition before you reach a sinus doctor is to lie down to sleep to reduce the frequency of the cough.
In most cases, you may experience intermittent coughing that may cause breathing complications if not realized in its primitive stages.

• Nasal Congestion
Respiratory tract requires an unrestricted flow of oxygen at all times. Whenever you experience nasal congestions, they depict there is an infection on your nose or throat. The doctor often dragonize you with sinus infection when you have nasal congestion. Whenever you experience the congestion, you will not be able to taste usually. Sense of taste is impaired as well as the sound.

• Prolonged Sinuses Pain
There are several sinuses below your eyes and nose. When these sinuses are infected with the virus, they often swell due to inflammation. Due to the process, you will experience pain on either side of the jaw or even between your eyes. The problem is a common characteristic of sinus, and you are advised to see the doctor. The inflammation causes intense pressure to the jaws that after that causes pain due to constricted blood vessels.

• Sore Throat
Sore throat is a common sign of several respiratory tract infections. But in the case of a sinus infection when you experience the symptoms most accompanied by the production of hoarse voice, it’s a possible sign of sinus infection. Therefore when you succumb a victim of such condition it’s advisable that you seek medication advice from the nearest sinus doctor for further directions and medication. The sign may be accompanied by irritation and production of mucus that drips intermittently.

• The Headache of the Sinus
When you experience a series of sinus headaches that is a probable sign of sinus infection, the headaches are prevalent during morning times a night. The headaches can be acute and often accompanied by dental pain. When you have an intense pressure and abnormal swelling of the sinuses due to series of the headaches, it’s more advisable for you to seek medication from a sinus doctor. Non- attended situations may lead to chronic sinus conditions and may be lethal to the patient.

• Fever
A rise in the body temperatures usually characterizes fever. The body temperatures rise due to tissue inflammation, especially the sinus tissues. Whenever you experience tissue inflammation, there is a constriction of the blood flow. Due to the phenomenon, there will be a rise in your body temperature. The increase in temperature is due to pressure on the blood vessels and may be lethal in extreme conditions.

• Nasal Drip
Nasal drip is associated with the production of continuous mucus. The mucous flows to the throat irresistibly due to its overproduction by the sinuses. In the process, there is constant irritation of the throat. Postnasal drip is mostly experienced amongst a good number of patients. When you encounter such complications, the most appropriate remedy is to look for medical attention from a sinus doctor.

• Ulceration
The virus can cause nasal complications that lead to wounds around the nasal edges. Fungal infections on the nasal parts cause them. The ulceration often occurs during chronic situations, and during these conditions, you have to seek medication from a sinus doctor quickly.

Dehydration of the sinus due to continuous production of mucous causes ulceration too.

When dealing with the above complications, a doctor can recommend over the counter medications. Using a nasal decongestant helps a sinus doctor relieve the pain whenever you experience the above signs and symptoms. However, continuous use of the above over the counter drugs may impair the treatment of subsequent infections.

Herbal treatments are also a source of remedy. There are several herbal medicines which include Gelomytrol that is administered orally. However, there are other several modes of administration used in treatment by oral recommended by a doctor.

I addition nasal irrigation is another mode of drug administration to the affected patients. When you happen to have such complications, a doctor uses boiled tap water if incase distilled water is not available. The water is then mixed with table salt together with soda-lime and sprayed into the nose.

Lastly, antibiotics like Amoxicillin are administered majorly during acute sinusitis. However, there are several side effects of giving antibiotics in the case where the disease has not been fully identified.

In conclusion, the elderly and neonates are susceptible to sinus infections are, therefore, at risk. The ENT experts tell that acute situations commonly lead to chronic conditions when not treated at preliminary stages. Thus there is a need to look for a doctor whenever the above-outlined signs and symptoms are at hand. If you have any of these symptoms, book an appointment with Broward Sinus – top allergist Ft. Lauderdale.