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Most Common Allergies Explained

In recent years allergic reactions have increased among people in the United States of America. Over fifty million people, including children, every year experience different types of allergy. In America, allergy has become the 6th major cause of chronic diseases. What is an allergy, and what causes it? Well, allergies come to be when your immune system reacts with a foreign substance known as an allergen. In every human body, antibodies are produced by the immune system that makes them harmful even though they are not when it senses a harmful allergen in the body.

There different types of allergies that people suffer, although not common, it can be food, foreign inhale in the lungs, injects in your body, or a foreign touch, among others. When an allergic reaction occurs, you can sneeze, cough, and have itchy eyes, running nose, or an itching throat. When allergies become severe, you can have rashes all over your body, have low blood pressure, difficulties in breathing, asthma attack, or die. Even though there is no cure for allergy, people are given drugs to manage and prevent it.

Who suffers allergy in America

Anybody can get allergies; however, most people who suffer from specific allergies usually inherit them from their family members. This means that a parent can automatically pass an allergy to his or her child through genes; however, it doesn’t happen all times; you and your partner can be having an allergy, but your child might not get it. Kids can also get allergy even though their parents do not have.

Types and Causes of allergies

1. Airborne allergies

This is an allergy that people in America commonly suffer from, and the air usually carries it. It is caused by;
Dust mites – some small microscopic insects live around people. This insect depends on people’s dead skin cells that you shed every day to feed on. Dust mites are a significant component of the house dust. The insects bleed in their millions, and they love to stay in your carpets.

Pollen – pollens are also referred to as hay fever or nose fever, and they are the major causes of allergies in America. They occur when trees, weed, and grasses release them into the air to fertilize other plants. Pollen allergies do not happen at all times as they are seasonal. Not all people who suffer from pollen allergy; thus, the symptoms you have will determine the type of pollen allergy you have. Pollen counts measure the number of pollens in the air, hence helping people know how symptoms will be on a particular day. Pollen increase in the morning and any warm day and are low on cold and chilly days.

Molds- Molds also cause allergy; they usually grow in a moist environment both indoors and outside, especially in poor drainage places. The indoor molds grow in areas with poor ventilation, such as a bathroom or any other place in the house that is always damp.

Pets- Most people in America love to pet, and almost every house has one; what they do not know is that dogs are the primary cause of allergies in their homes. Pets realize saliva when it is leaking itself, and hence the saliva goes into their fur; when this saliva dries up, it becomes particles that cause allergy. Should a pet urinate or pee and the spot is not cleaned, it can also cause allergy.

The airborne allergies include; sneezing, having an itchy nose, coughing, and stuffy nose.

2. Food allergies

It would be best if you ate to live; however, some of these dishes can be the primary cause of allergy. More than two million people have food allergies in the United States, of which 8% are small children. Some of these foods include.

Cow’s milk- milk contains a lot of protein that makes people allergic. More than 3 % of people who suffer from cow’s milk are children who are below three years. Some products you buy, such as cakes, have milk as a secret ingredient. You must be extra careful when you are purchasing items to avoid severe allergy cases.

Eggs – most people get an allergic reaction when they eat eggs. Eggs are common in most of the foods that you eat. If you have an allergy to eggs, you should not be worried as they don’t cause severe symptoms.

Wheat- just like any other food allergies, grain can cause a life-threatening reaction on an individual. Wheat contains gluten that makes a person allergic to it feel ill.

Other foods that are commonly known to be a significant cause of allergy include; fish, peanuts and tree nuts, and Soy. This food product will have different allergic symptoms, which depends on an individual.
The following symptoms may indicate that you have food insects or medicine allergy; having difficulties in breathing, severe coughs, wheezing, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, having itching eyes, rush on your skin, and hives. Depending on a person, the symptoms can be severe or mild.

The other common causes of allergies in an individual include; medicines, insects, and chemicals.

3. Chemicals

Some detergents used to clean the clothes you wear can make you have rushes in your body or sneeze; this is because your body reacts to the chemical products used to wash your clothes. If you spray pesticides in your house or your garden can also be a significant cause of allergy.

How to treat allergies

There is no cure for allergies; however, they can be controlled through medication. One of the best ways to minimize the allergy is to avoid the allergens altogether. In this case, it is essential for you to as a parent if you have an allergy, let them know early enough about it, and their reaction when it occurs, and how to prevent it.

No one should die out of an allergy reaction; that is why you should know what triggers your body’s allergy reactions. Should you have one, you must not be worried as they can be easily be managed; however, if you have prolonged symptoms, you must consult your allergist Ft. Lauderdale to get relief.