Allergist Ft. Lauderdale

Why Seeing an Allergist Can Improve Your Daily Life

Allergists Ft. Lauderdale are experts when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, diseases that affect the immune system and allergies. In order for someone to become an allergist in the United States, they have to complete medical school and have a minimum of 3 years of residency in internal medicine or pediatrics. In addition to that, they have to undergo 2 years of specialized training in immunology and allergy. They can also elect to become board certified by regularly attending medical education programs in immunology and allergy. Many people who walk around with untreated allergies and immune related issues, are not aware of how great they can feel once those symptoms have been diagnosed and treated by an experienced expert.

What Causes Allergies?
Allergies occur as a result of a chain reaction which starts in the body’s immune system. Your immune system is responsible for how your body protects itself from foreign chemicals and organisms. For instance, some people develop an allergy to pollen. What this means is that their immune system identifies pollen as a dangerous invader. As such, whenever said individual inhales pollen, their immune system overreacts and produces antibodies that go by the name of immunoglobulin. These are the antibodies that cause cells to release chemicals, triggering an allergic response. An allergist Ft. Lauderdale can help to improve your quality of life by working with you to identify and treat undiagnosed immune and allergy related issues.

Allergic Rhinitis
Allergic Rhinitis can affect an individual year round or it could be seasonal. Seasonal rhinitis (hay fever) normally pops up during the fall, summer and spring seasons. Symptoms include runny and stuffy noses, itching around the eyes, nose and mouth. Normally when people experience symptoms all year long, it means they’re constantly exposed to indoor allergens like mold, pet hair and dust mites.

An expert can improve your quality of life in this regard by providing you with an allergy test to determine what specific allergen may be triggering your symptoms. Therefore, you constantly wheeze at home, this doesn’t automatically mean that you have to get rid of your cat. In some instances it may be dust mites that may be triggering your symptoms. By providing an expert with basic information about your life, they can work with you to develop an effective treatment plan to manage your symptoms.

Contrary to popular belief, asthma is an allergic disease that can cause symptoms like coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. An allergist Ft. Lauderdale can improve the quality of life for people with asthma, by conducting allergy and breathing tests to determine the causes of a patient’s asthma symptoms. In fact, studies have shown that professional care from an allergist can reduce the need for emergency care as well as to decrease flare-ups.

Sinus And Ear Infections
Allergist Ft. Lauderdale are also useful when it comes to treating recurring ear infections and sinus. People who have asthma are more prone to getting ear and sinus infections, which can make asthma symptoms worse. Sinus infections may not seem bad but it can lead to a permanent reduction of or eliminate your sense of taste and smell. And, if you experience sinus infections as a result of bacteria, this infection can spread to critical areas such as the brain. Besides that, with a sinus infection you inhale less oxygen on a miniscule level of which you may not notice. However, reduced oxygen can lead to cognitive issues as well as to leave you with brain fog for the entire day.

Children are especially prone to getting ear infections and as you may know, ear infections are extremely painful. Therefore, in some cases an expert can help to improve the quality of life of your children. In fact, if your child experiences allergy related symptoms you should take them to a specialist, as the most life threatening immunodeficiencies occur during the first years of our lives.

Improve The Appearance Of Damaged Skin
If you have a skin condition which causes an abundance of scar tissue like eczema, chances are that you spoke to a doctor who recommended some products they believe would be ideal. A more effective approach would be to use the services of an excerpt in the field such as an allergist ft. lauderdale. While eczema is not curable, it is treatable. An allergist ft. lauderdale can work with you to determine the exact type of skin condition you have as well as some effective things you can do to treat it.

Anaphylaxis can be best described as being a serious type of allergic reaction that can occur quite rapidly. Anaphylaxis can cause death if it is not treated immediately. The problem with anaphylaxis is that most people who experience this, did not know they had an allergy until it happened. This is usually caused by medicine, food, insects or latex. An allergist ft. lauderdale can conduct a test to see if your body reacts to the most common triggers of anaphylaxis.

Improve Immune Health
Immune system disorders can cause an individual to experience repeated infections of the ear, bronchitis and the cold/flu infections. Individuals with immunodeficiency disorders are not able to fight infections as effectively as an individual with a healthy immune system. The problem with immunodeficiency disorders is that they are over 100 different types. This makes diagnosis and treatment from an allergist especially important. If you realize that you tend to get sick or experience infections quite often, you may have undiagnosed immunodeficiency disorders. Immunologists are also experts at diagnosing and treating immune system related disorders because allergies and the immune system are interlinked and as such they specialize in both areas.

Feel Better Live Better
There’s an old saying in the medical community that says, “Feel better, Live better”, What it means is that as opposed to living with allergy and immune system disorder related issues, which can take away from your overall quality of life, by getting your issues addressed, you can start to feel better and experience a higher quality of life.