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Problems Resulting from Untreated Allergies

Allergies can be mildly annoying, or they can be crippling. Whatever they are, allergies are not likely to disappear on their own. They can be seasonal. An example is a person allergic to pollen. They only suffer when pollen is in the air. That allergy is going to recur every year when the pollen reappears.

The medical professional to consult for treatment is an allergist ft. lauderdale. They can offer medications, shots, or other ways to combat allergies. They can also identify what is causing the allergies and offer advice on how to avoid the cause. An example is pollen. The timing of the pollen season is known in advance. Avoid going outside as much as possible. Consider a mask or other means to minimize the ingestion of pollen in your nose and mouth.

This article will discuss what happens when an individual decides to live with their allergies rather than seeking treatment from an Allergist ft. Lauderdale. A quick explanation about the origins of allergies is in order before examining the consequences of untreated allergies.

The cause of allergies is the human immune system. It is designed to produce antibodies to attack foreign substances as they enter the body. Allergies occur when the immune system identifies a harmless substance, such as pet hair, as something that needs to be attacked. The symptoms of allergies are the result of the immune system and its antibodies springing into action.

The end result is the symptoms of allergies. They include sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, itching, coughing, shortness of breath, rashes, and swelling. It is basically inflammation and irritation. A person will not suffer every symptom with each allergy. An Allergist Ft. Lauderdale will explain this in more detail.

Many of the above symptoms resemble a common cold. The way to tell a cold from an allergy is time. A cold will disappear in time but allergies stay around a long time.

It is time to move on to an examination of what happens when someone ignores treatment.

One of the main reasons to see an Allergist Ft. Lauderdale to avoid or mitigate this problem. Untreated allergies tend to become chronic. That means they do not go away. In fact, they tend to get worse over time. At first a person might only react to pet hair when in the presence of a dog.

If left untreated, sitting in an automobile where a dog has been can be enough to trigger the reaction. Soon an individual will be coughing and sneezing when they pass a dog on the street. Do not wait to see an Allergist Ft. Lauderdale until the condition is in the chronic stage. Seek help when the problem develops.

Allergies are similar to most medical problems. They will not resolve on their own.

Left untreated, runny or stuffy nose can turn into sinus problems. Inflammation and irritation can cause permanent damage. A person will need more than an Allergist Ft. Lauderdale. They will have to employ the services of an ear, nose, and throat physician (ENT). Worse case scenario is surgery to fix the sinuses. That possibility should be enough to send someone to seek treatment.

That possibility is one of the major concerns of untreated allergies. A person cannot continue to abuse their sinus cavities.


This condition is another way of describing breathing issues. Inflammation, swelling, and narrowing of the airways make the act of taking a breath challenging. It leads to many other issues discussed later such as fatigue, missed work, and lack of sleep. All of these problems stem from a lack of oxygen.

Skin Problems

Many skin-related problems stem from allergies. An example is a bee sting. At first it just might itch and turn red. It will then disappear. Too many stings and an individual falls into the chronic condition category.

An Allergist Ft.Lauderdale can help with problems like rashes. It is more than just never leaving home to avoid bees. That is probably not practical. Seek treatment to keep the body from overreacting to the stings.


Think of allergies as sucking the energy of out of a person. There is not enough coffee or caffeine to solve this problem. The least activity drains a person. It is all they can do to deal with all the symptoms of an allergy.

It only gets worse. The next two problems ensue. It all ties together.

Missed Work

No one at work wants to be around someone who has a perpetual cold. That is what an allergy appears to be to other people. The fatigue and lack of energy prevents any meaningful work.

Do not get to the stage when work becomes impossible. Attack those allergies early on. It cannot be said enough.

Lack of Sleep

It is hard to sleep when each breath becomes a chore. Sufferers wake up constantly due to the lack of oxygen. Sleep deprivation saps energy.

If just was two weeks of pollen season, it might be somewhat tolerable. Allergies tend to spread, and soon there is no way to get enough sleep.

Diminished Enjoyment of Life

This sums up all of the above problems. A person with chronic allergies cannot enjoy life and work. Seek medical treatment promptly.


This condition is by far and away the worst problem. It is a severe and potentially life threatening reaction to an allergy. It happens almost immediately upon exposure to the trigger. There is difficulty breathing, and a person can go into shock and lose consciousness. Immediate treatment with epinephrine and a trip to the emergency room is necessary.

It should now be apparent that these problems overlap in many areas. One does lead to another. Once someone enters the allergy cycle, it can be difficult to exit. An Allergist Ft. Lauderdale cannot cure the problems but can provide much needed mitigation.

The biggest problem may be the fact that the longer an individual puts off treatment, the harder it becomes to solve the problem. Do not delay until the problems truly diminish the pleasure of living.