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Allergy Testing & Treatment

At Broward Sinus & Allergy Center, our goal is to get your allergy symptoms under control with the most effective treatment possible. Every patient is different & our professional, dedicated team will work with you to develop a treatment regimen that fits your lifestyle.

At Broward Sinus & Allergy Center, we offer an allergy skin test, or prick test, to diagnose which substances (known as allergens) are triggering allergic responses.

Fort Lauderdale Allergy Testing

Fort Lauderdale Allergy Testing

Allergy Skin Test

During your allergy skin test, a small amount of an allergen is applied to a small area of skin that has been pricked. Pricking the outer layer of skin allows the allergen to enter in without the need for shots or bleeding.

Your immune system will create antibodies toward any allergen that triggered a reaction. A rash is one way your body's reacts to a substance that you are allergic to. Once the allergens set in, your skin is evaluated to see which allergens your body responded to.

Throughout the entire allergy skin test, your comfort is our top priority. Since only the outer layer of skin is pricked, uncomfort is very minimal. The entire test duration is about 30 minutes.

Fort Lauderdale Allergy Treatments

Allergy treatment is unique for every individual patient at Broward Sinus & Allergy. We take the time to factor in the severity of your symptoms, your lifestyle, and personal preferences before we decide on the appropriate allergy treatment plan. While treatment varies, some of the treatment options we offer are:

Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

Allergy drops, known formally Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT), are an alternative to weekly allergy shots. The allergens you receive via the drops are the same as what you would receive in injections; the only difference is that they are administered orally. With sublingual immunotherapy, you put drops of the allergen under your tongue at home instead of coming into the doctor’s office for an injection.

Allergy drops can significantly reduce allergy symptoms in most patients with the added convenience of taking them at home. Additionally, SLIT has a lower risk of side effects, including anaphylaxis.

Sublingual immunotherapy is routinely used in Europe, where allergy drops have been regarded as a safe & effective alternative to injections for more than 10 years. However, the drops have not yet been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. Many doctors offer SLIT as an “off-label” use. Allergy drops are individually formulated & specific to each patient’s need.

Because the oral formulation hasn’t been FDA approved, SLIT is not covered by insurance. In many cases, however, you might find allergy drops surprisingly affordable. Please inquire with our office about the expense of SLIT compared to allergy shots.

Steroid Shots for Allergies

For many sinus & allergy sufferers, some type of fast-acting medication is necessary to manage their symptoms. Intranasal steroid injections are administered by Dr. Callari in the office for some cases. The steroid injection works quickly to reduce inflammation & swelling associated with an acute allergic reaction & sinus infections.

A Unique Approach to Allergy Treatment

A wide variety of medicines & treatments for allergies are available. Dr. Callari & his team will gladly explain all of the options during your appointment. He’ll take the time to listen to your opinions & personal preferences.  Together, we’ll help you find the best solution for your allergy problem.

For convenient & effective allergy treatments, call our office at (954) 760-7836 or use our online appointment request form to schedule a visit with Dr. Callari.