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Minimally Invasive Sinus Procedures

Patient-Centered Sinus Care

Dr. Callari’s philosophy of care is to always choose a conservative, progressive treatment, based on the best research, in order to achieve the most favorable patient outcomes. With this patient-centered care approach, minimally invasive sinus treatments are chosen over more invasive procedures whenever possible. In-office anesthesia is offered for many of our more chronic sinus procedures. This offers you another pain-free solution to your sinus issues right in the office.

The most common minimally invasive treatments for nasal & sinus disorders performed at Broward Sinus & Allergy Center are intranasal steroid injections, balloon sinuplasty & nasal polyp removal. In many cases, Dr. Callari will first perform a special CT scan, called the MiniCAT™, to help determine the appropriate treatment.

Balloon Sinuplasty

During a balloon sinuplasty, a sinus balloon catheter is used to open up the nasal cavity to restore normal mucus drainage & relieve built-up pressure from chronic sinusitis– a condition that is characterized by reoccurring sinus infections over a period of three months or longer. Dr. Callari typically performs this procedure in the office. You can watch the YouTube video above to see an animation of this procedure.

In most cases of chronic sinusitis, a reoccurring bacterial, viral, or microbial infection is to blame, which may be related to a structural issue, such as a blockage within the nasal cavity that prevents normal mucus drainage. After having a balloon sinuplasty procedure, the structural blockage is removed & this usually restores normal sinus function.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are usually indicators of more severe & chronic sinus infections or nasal blockages. In most cases, the underlying chronic condition needs a more aggressive approach, including polyp removal.

Nasal Polyp Removal

Nasal polyp removal can be done in the office using state-of-the-art techniques & equipment.

Xoran MiniCAT™

To identify any structural issues in your nasal passageways, such as a blockage, the Xoran MiniCAT CT scanner is Dr. Callari’s go-to diagnostic tool. This small, upright CT scanner creates fast, exceptional quality images of the sinuses in 20 seconds or less. The Xoran MiniCAT can be scheduled quickly & provides a prompt diagnosis & results. Plus, it features an open design, so claustrophobic patients have nothing to fear. In addition, it emits less radiation than a full-body scanner because it’s faster & targets the sinuses.


Intranasal Steroid Injections

Intranasal steroid injections provide relief for people suffering from sinusitis, a sinus condition that may cause nasal congestion, runny nose, sinus headache, sore throat & coughing. Sufferers of sinusitis usually experience worse symptoms in early mornings and at night.

The injections work by reducing inflammation in the nasal passageway. This relieves sinus pain & pressure, and restores proper drainage. In some cases, an antibiotic or decongestant may be needed to further resolve any signs of infection or severe nasal congestion.

Dr. Callari administers intranasal steroid injections in the office.

For minimally invasive sinus treatment, call Dr. Callari at (954) 760-7836 or use our online form to request an appointment. We genuinely look forward to meeting you & providing you the best possible care.